Welcome to VuLinh Family-Homestay

Next to Thac Ba Lake, Vu Linh commune, Yen Bai province.VuLinh Family-Homestay is an ideal rest stop for tourists who want to explore the natural beauty, learn the customs and culture of the local people and engage in useful activities in daily life. In addition, you can also enjoy delicious dishes characterized by the local cuisine tradition with the wholehearted welcome.

Activities to discover

VuLinh Family-Homestay is the only place to bring visitors to discover activities to get unforgettable memories in Vu Linh.

Explore Thuy Tien Cave on Thac Ba Lake

This place is considered as “Ha Long on the mountain” and being one of the three largest artificial lakes in Vietnam.

Walking And Climb The Mountain

Walking around the village is one of funny activities to explore the local people’s life.

Highland Beauty

Going to visit Vu Linh – THac Ba, visitors cannot stand experiencing daily life, the customs and traditions of local people

Rowing The Boat With Local People.

rowing the boat with local people. It is a small boat rowed by foot. Local.